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Verifast Inc.



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Product Design


As designer and product manager, I was tasked with redesigning the existing verification platform components which includes the dashboard, user reports and the customer application walkthrough.

what does verifast do?
Verifast is a Fintech and Marketing Data Company that accelerates the Financial Verification Process, provides Behavioral Data insights, and delivers value across multiple verticals in various industries.
An overview of the different screens of the Verifast platform
the process
A landlord begins the process by creating a rental application, that is filled out by potential applicants.

These applicants then complete the application, connect their banking information and identity verification.

The landlord can then review potential applicants through a personalized financial report and shortlist or reject the applicant.
I started out by collecting all the information in the current report, questioning each item's use in the process and organizing similar categories together.
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I evaluated the user requirements and designed the report, applicant onboarding and organization dashboards.
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The last step was creating clickable prototypes of the various components in order to explain the desired functionality.
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The project gave me experience in managing sprints and organizing daily stand ups while also allowing me to work on all the product design aspects. Different components were divided into individual sprints, and development of these was staggered with the design process to ensure it was delivered quickly. The project also gave me insight into a new industry, which was really interesting to learn about.
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